Director, Writer
Daniel is a villainous knave who grew up in the jungles of Africa and the mountains of Nepal. With a penchant for adventure and environmental action, he's spent much of his career capturing expeditions around the world as a documentary filmmaker. You can check out his real-world alter-go at Skyship Films and Daniel Byers Photography.
When not in the field, Daniel loves crafting dark fantasy films in eager anticipation of the coming Apocalypse. He's also a crafty and vengeful Dungeons and Dragons DM and gives bone-chilling tarot readings.
Actor, Writer, VFX Artist
Harry is a murderous rogue who grew up in Scotland and has been working in film in the US for eight years. His recent screenplay “Henrietta” won Fresh Voices, was a finalist in ScreenCraft Film Fund and WeScreenplay’s Diverse Voices, and was admitted to Stowe Story Labs. Other screenplays have been finalists in ScreenCraft, Atlanta Film Festival, and Sundance Labs. Last year he was a screenwriter in residence at ArtFarm and The Studios of Key West. As an actor he’s co-starred on AMC’s “Turn: Washington’s Spies” and Esquire’s “The Getaway”, and has appeared in numerous independent features and shorts, including starring in Dark Tower’s “Bloodyback” and “Ice Man”. He co-stars in Netflix’s “The Sleepover” opposite Ken Marino, Malin Akerman, Joe Manganiello, and Alyssa Milano.
Actor, Stunt/Fight Choreographer, Production Designer, Makeup
Christian is a guileless sellsword who spent his childhood in the South Pacific. Once a year a man with a generator and enough fuel to power a 12-inch TV would visit, and the whole island would watch American Ninja 6. That’s when Christian fell in love with film. His career since has included performances as a living statue in venues like Madison Square Gardens, leading revolutionary re-enactments, and dozens of appearances in film and on stage. Christian’s relationship with Dark Tower Films began as a creature performer/stunt coordinator in Bloodyback: he’s since worked on all of their projects and directed their short Valholl. Over the course of his tenure, he’s added makeup, costuming, practical effects, set-building, social media management, and, most importantly, chili preparation to his resume.​​​​​​​
Director of Photography
Zachary is a bug-eyed brawler who runs Dakoit Pictures in Brooklyn, New York. Between training his infant daughter to be a killer assassin and editing fart compilations for Comedy Central TV, he likes bathing in swamp mud or dangling from cliffsides with a 30 pound camera strapped to his neck. Cross him at your peril.
Director of Photography, Editor
Sam Eilertsen is a scurrilous reprobate as well as a director of photography and editor based in Providence RI. Since graduating from Brown University in 2012 he has been the director of photography on three feature films and the editor on five feature films, along with numerous short films, commercials, music videos and documentaries. 
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